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Industrial cooling towers / Packaged cooling towers

Industrial Cooling Towers are cooling towers that are designed especially for industrial purposes, using materials & custom-manufactured components that shipped from the manufacturer’s works. They are often custom designed to suit each application & industry. Packaged cooling towers are pre-fabricated modular cooling towers that are delivered as a complete unit ready to be installed at site.

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Crossflow & Counterflow

Less noise & easy maintenance cooling tower that accepts variable flow over the infill surface
The best performed industrial cooling tower that been widely used in various cooling processes.

Reinforced Concrete
FRP Structure
Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
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Closed circuit

A type of evaporative cooler that will absorb the heat of the cooled fluid by evaporation of spray water outside the coil.

FRP Structure
Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
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Innovation & Technology

Plume Abatement
Super Low Noise
High Level Water Collection
Intelligent Control

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Parts & Components

Heat Transfer Media
Spray Nozzle
Drift Eliminator
Fan Stack
Drive Shaft

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We understand your needs and we do effective planning accordingly

Seagull is dedicated to providing the most effective cooling solutions that meet our client’s needs with teams of expertise, state of the art R&D development and intelligent manufacturing.

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